by Craig Wright
Production/Director: Brad Dalton
Set Designer: Kirk Markley
Lighting Designer: John Smetak
Costume Designer: Kristen Hanssen

presented at Stages Repertory Theatre, 2008

“Stage’s production presents the play to best advantage, with forceful direction by Brad Dalton. His staging of the action helps maintain a suitably ominous and oppressive atmosphere. Often potent and intriguing, ‘The Unseen’ should leave audience members with plenty to think about and discuss.” - Everett Evans, The Houston Chronicle

“Stages Theatre can add ‘The Unseen’ to its list of Craig Wright successes. The actors are mesmerizing and move over Wright’s landscape with speed and clarity under Brad Dalton’s dead-on direction. Truly haunting, the production is electrified by a strange urgency and deep understanding of the subject matter.” – Lee Williams, Houston Press