by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Set Designer: Ryan McGettigan
Lighting Designer: David Cuthbert
Costume Designer: Alyssa Oania

presented at Opera San Jose, 2015

“Opera San Jose captivates audiences with Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute.’ The new production manages to unite the competing threads of the composer’s late-life score. Often captivating, the cast inhabited their roles with vitality, especially the three Genies, who were irresistible.” – Georgia Rowe, San Jose Mercury News

“Brad Dalton’s stage direction is detailed – there is a lot of movement and we never lack for activity to watch on stage. There were many adorable children in period dress on stage during the overture; this was effective and it was clear the audience approved. The evening ends prettily with the stage transformed back into the late Baroque theatre of the first act. The ideals of the Enlightenment have triumphed in a satisfying manner, and the enthusiastic audience roared with approval.” - Charlise Tiee, The Opera Tattler

“One of the things I like most about Opera San Jose’s ‘Magic Flute’ is that you’re never far from the idea of opera as a very human endeavor. There’s never a moment when you aren’t aware that it is about the singer and the audience. Smashing.” – Cy Ashley Webb, Stark Insider

“Under the inspired hand of director Brad Dalton, all aspects of this production are thoughtfully and deliberately presentational in the most theatrical, delightfully self-conscious manner, a concept that works wonderfully with the opera’s theme of fantasy magic. The entire cast is alert and playing to the hilt moment-to-moment. No ‘park and bark’ performances here. The production is brilliantly conceived and mounted. The set design is filled with visual surprises as well as modern electrical flourishes.” - Paul Myrvold, Out ‘n’ About Magazine

“Opera San Jose’s ‘Magic Flute’ is a funny, endearing, light-hearted and accessible show that has the potential to create a new generation of opera lovers. With its effortless choreography, it hits all the right notes.” – Ted Malone, Metroactive

“This ‘Magic Flute’ may be the best show I have ever seen at Opera San Jose. The performances were incredible, the story was great, the music was beautiful, and the costumes were gorgeous. Ever since Brad Dalton’s ‘Madame Butterfly’ production, Opera San Jose has been drawing me in. Make sure you get tickets for one of the final performances – they are close to selling out!” – Cynthia Corral, The Opera Novice

“Because of the excellent stage direction by Brad Dalton, every one of the singers acts their respective role beautifully. One of the best productions ever presented by Opera San Jose, this ‘Magic Flute’ looks beautiful and sounds wonderful. It’s a magical evening.” - Iride Aparicio, Cultural World Bilingual