by Giuseppe Verdi
Set Designer: Steven Kemp
Lighting Designer: Pamila Gray
Costume Designer: Malabar Ltd.

presented at Opera San Jose, 2014 and Opera Santa Barbara, 2014

“This powerful production of ‘Rigoletto’ won over the large audience at the Granada and brought them to their feet for a loud ovation at the finale. A lot of fun in ‘Rigoletto’ stems from the tightly choreographed action sequences and the strong physical performances turned in by the chorus as directed by Brad Dalton who made these into effective spectacles. Done this well, ‘Rigoletto’ remains one of the greatest and most enduring of all Italian operas.” – Charles Donelan, The Independent

“The cast came through with great voices and splendid acting that brought standing ovations for this new production at Opera San Jose. Stage direction is by Brad Dalton, who returns to the company having done many memorable productions here. He cleverly brought out the many textures and emotional confrontations in the opera. It makes for a most memorable theatre experience.” - Mort Levine, Milpitas Post

“Opera San Jose’s opener moves from strength to strength; it astounds and amazes. This ‘Rigoletto’ is so direct and fast paced, it’s as if the bel canto world of Bellini and Donizetti never happened. Suffice to say that the production negotiates such suspense that even those familiar with the story might entertain the notion of a different outcome.” - Cy Ashley Webb, Stark Insider

“The final scene is breaking hearts again in the powerful production of ‘Rigoletto’ with which Opera San Jose has opened its season. The tragedy is heightened in this production, directed by Brad Dalton, which is filled with the colors of lust, blood and devilish doings.” – Richard Scheinin, San Jose Mercury News

“The opera was masterfully presented and ended in a standing ovation. In a unique touch of genius, stage director Brad Dalton started the production with Rigoletto entering in front of the curtain, which impacted the evening from the beginning. As staged by Dalton, the acting by the strong cast and chorus made this one of the best productions ever presented by Opera San Jose.” – Iride Aparicio, Cultural World Bilingual

“You are fortunate to be able to see this production of ‘Rigoletto,’ which highlighted the drama from the opening menacing chords to the anguish of the final scene.” – Heather J. Morris, Peninsula Reviews

“I thoroughly enjoyed Opera San Jose’s ‘Rigoletto.’ The fine production is excellent in so many ways.” – Paul Myrvold, Out ‘n’ About Magazine

“In Sunday’s performance, the dark humor was particularly potent. Rigoletto does an excellent job of pissing off all of the courtiers in the opening scene, employing a handful of gags from director Brad Dalton.” – Michael J. Vaughn, Operaville