by Giacomo Puccini
Production/Director: Brad Dalton
Set Designer: Kent Dorsey
Lighting Designer: Pamila Gray
Costume Designer: Julie Engelbrecht

presented at Opera San Jose, 2007, 2014 & 2019 and Livermore Valley Opera, 2015

“As important as the singing were the magical effects of this ‘Butterfly’s’ elegant staging, sophisticated in ways brand new to the company. Director Brad Dalton has chosen to understand it as a series of brush strokes, very Japanese, and that’s how the production unfolds, with graceful elegance. The setting resembles a wide screen in a movie theatre; at various times, it fills beautifully with images of starry nights, spring flowers, swirling snowfalls or close-ups of patterns from Japanese prints.” – Richard Scheinin, San Jose Mercury News

“Run, don’t walk, to buy your tickets! The power of this production is off the charts. What director Brad Dalton has done with this operatic tragedy is breathe life and vibrancy into the characters by giving them complexity, nuance and naturalness that is every bit as rich as the music. The elements come together in a perfect storm, which led to standing ovations at the end of the opening night performance.” – Sarah Bobson, The Independent

“There is only one word to describe the opera I saw last night – Beautiful. I have seen ‘Butterfly’ many, many times but this production gave me new insights into both of the male leads. It is fascinating and I look forward to seeing it again.” – Philip Hodge, The Opera Nut

“Tremendously entertaining production of ’Madame Butterfly’ brings magic and tears to Opera San Jose. As a whole, the evening is gorgeous, tragic, emotional and an auditory blessing. The surprise ending, which brings a swift karmic payment to Pinkerton, made the whole story much more palatable to me.” – Cynthia Corral, The Opera Novice

“Director Brad Dalton leads his cast through a graceful production that leaves room for the subtleties of both score and story.” – Michael J. Vaughn, Operaville

“What struck me was the sheer beauty of the evening.” – Shay Canty, The Stunning Post

“Anyone who makes it out of Opera San Jose’s production of ‘Madama Butterfly’ without a lump in their throat, if not a pocketful of wet hankies, must be too afraid of displaying emotion to fully acknowledge the terrible tragedy at the core of this great work. And the ending – let’s just say that our cowardly Lieutenant Pinkerton had to deal with far more than remorse, and his mostly silent American wife managed to say more about herself and her surprising strength than any other Kate I’ve encountered.” – Jason Serinus, San Francisco Classical Voice

“The performers gave every ounce of themselves to the audience in their emotional presence on the stage. Not one detail went unnoticed, from the starry sky to the gorgeous kimonos to the petals all across the ground. Opera San Jose’s ‘Madama Butterfly’ was flawlessly executed – the spectacular cast, stunning set design, and theatrical components fused together to create the perfect opera experience.” – Paria Amini, Mode Bay Area