by William Shakespeare
Production/Director: Brad Dalton
Set Designer: Christopher Kilby
Lighting Designer: Sam Thorstein
Costume Designer: Melinda Clark

presented at the Winthrop Theatre, Cambridge Massachusetts, 1985

“The prince of a director Brad Dalton draws the audience in to a dark, well-focused production. The inclusion of music from ‘Frankie Goes to Hollywood’ is far from rotten in this Denmark and adds a delicious spice to the show. The mad Hamlet confronts Polonius reading a paperback copy of Nietzsche’s ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ and the traveling players transform their pantomime into a murderously unsettling music video. Dalton creates a wonderful contrast of the old and the new and the setup serves Dalton’s direction beautifully, allowing him to stage a number of stunning scenes.” – Fori Daniels, The Harvard Independent

“The director Brad Dalton showed rare brilliance, using modern techniques without making ‘Hamlet’ innovative for innovation’s sake. Anyone with an interest in theatre, or an open mind, would appreciate the creativity and brilliance of this production.” – Jenny Landau, The Harvard Crimson