by Peter Shaffer
Production/Director: Brad Dalton
Set Designer: Christopher Kilby
Lighting Designer: Sam Thorstein
Costume Designer: Melinda Clark

presented at the Winthrop Theatre, Cambridge Massachusetts, 1984

“Not an ounce of the original Broadway play’s intensity is lost in this excellent production of ‘Equus.’ Under Brad Dalton’s able direction, the cast skillfully sustains a tense atmosphere, fueled by superb acting. The production wastes no time in drawing the audience into the action and the play releases its grip only after an evening of troubling and, ultimately, cathartic theatre. This ‘Equus’ should not be missed.” – William S. Benjamin, The Harvard Crimson

“In a lesser production, the play might be merely intriguing. Here, however, the obsessions of both patient and psychiatrist become our own. No room for safety is allowed. This immediacy stems largely from director Brad Dalton’s decision to stage the play in the round, with actors sitting only inches away from audience members. The believability of the horses is the first of many triumphs in the productions, but the real highlight of the evening is the dialogue between doctor and patient. All eyes are riveted to Alan from the moment he appears: fists clenched, shoulders tensed, face alternatively bitter and vulnerable. The final moments of the play would shatter a weaker mood. As it is, they are devastating.” – E. Selinger, The Harvard Independent