by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Set Designer: Steven Kemp, Giulio Terrone
Lighting Designer: David Cuthbert
Costume Designer: Elizabeth Poindexter

presented at Opera San Jose, 2009 & 2017 

Hats off to director Brad Dalton for a fabulous performance of ‘Cosi’ at the always impressive California Theatre.” – Sherrie Perkovich, Communities Digital News

“The production succeeds in centering the poignant beauty of the intimate over loud flashy operatics as the cast sees the show through to a funny, heartwarming ending.” – Ted Malone, Metroactive

“Director Brad Dalton is the wizard behind the curtain of this marvelous, winning production. It’s classy and outrageous, more than a little bit randy, while making the most of Mozart’s perfect, celestial music. Rarely has an OSJ production featured such assured acting. Often it’s forgotten that opera is a form of theatre; this is theatre.” – Richard Scheinin, San Jose Mercury News

“One of the strengths of this new production is the way it balances the opera’s extreme mood swings, from silly low humor to lofty declarations of courtly love. The results were polished, hugely enjoyable, and thought-provoking too. As staged by director Brad Dalton, even the most intricately timed comic bits ran like a well-oiled machine, and the performers seemed to be enjoying every minute of the ride. Most importantly, Dalton trusts the music so the ease and fluency of Mozart reigned supreme.” – Georgia Rowe, San Francisco Classical Voice

 “Opera San Jose’s production shows excellence in all aspects. The superbly attractive cast plays the comedy unreservedly and with gratifying ease. The audience stood to show their appreciation at the curtain call.” – Paul Myrvold, Out and About Magazine

“Opera San Jose triumphs in a sparkling production of this timeless favorite. Overall directorial kudos go to Brad Dalton. The men’s spoof of an “Albanian dance” reduced the audience to helpless giggles. Altogether a wonderful package of enjoyment – don’t miss it!” – Susan Steinberg, The Independent

 “With excellent physical humor coached by stage director Brad Dalton, this ‘Cosi’ is an exceedingly enjoyable production. Delivered with a saucy and comic energy, the stage director does well in tweaking cast energies and crafting gags; there is solid acting from all the singers.” – Michael J. Vaughn, Operaville