by Bapsi Sidhwa
Production/Director: Brad Dalton
Set Designer: Kirk Markley
Lighting Designer: David Gipson
Costume Designer: Claremarie Verheyen

presented at Stages Repertory Theatre, 2007

“This hilarious new play is handled with such joy by director Brad Dalton and his wonderful cast that it comes off as immensely entertaining. The real strength of the production lies in the subtle but surprisingly emotional shift it makes from comedy to drama. Dalton’s direction is layered and artful, and he adds some perfectly theatrical images that have a quiet and lasting depth. There is real visual poetry at play here.” – Lee Williams, Houston Press

“Director Brad Dalton has staged an agreeable, robustly played rendition, including nice touches in the staging of the scene transitions. It is a real crowd-pleaser about the comic complications of love across ethnic barriers.” – Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle