by Andre Previn
Set Designer: Steven Kemp
Lighting Designer: Peter Dean Beck, Don Darnutzer
Costume Designer: Johann Stegmeir

presented at Hawaii Opera Theatre 2017, Townsend Opera 2015, Fresno Opera 2015 and Grand Rapids Opera 2013

“There were clever solutions in staging and even very challenging scenes worked well. Ghosts wandered through scenes, underscoring the drama unfolding in Blanche’s psyche, and staging echoed shifting relationships. In the final scene, Blanche exits on a pianissimo, leaving reality for insanity/death to join her husband’s ghost.” - Ruth O. Bingham, Honolulu Star-Advertiser

“All actors pull their weight, effortlessly hitting every high note and low note while both acting and emoting, ensuring that the story is told and characters are developed. Overall, Hawaii Opera Theatre’s ‘Streetcar’ is a fabulous production that compares to none other. With superb acting, an elegant score, precise lighting and refined costumes, this is one opera you will regret missing.” – Staff Review, Hawaii State Theatre Council

“Opera Grand Rapid opens its season with a powerful performance of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire.’ Stage director Brad Dalton and conductor Robert Lyall have revised the original production from long-winded ultra realism to a more concise psychological exploration. Edited down, this ‘Streetcar’ is full of powerful moments of great musical drama.” – Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk, Grand Rapids Press